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It’s all so new the expressions haven’t been coined yet.   A Boston-based company,, has recently set the electronics world pinging with its magical solution for turning us into speed readers in seconds.

As an experienced Speed Reading trainer, I thought I would see how exciting it is.

According to Spritz, who launched the product after 3 years of secret development, only 20% of your reading time is spent actually processing the content.  The rest is wasted by moving your eyes from one word to the next.  Spritz aims to save you time by flashing each word successively in the same place so you can read without moving your eyes.  This means you can convert your chosen blog, email, e-book, social media into a flashing stream of individual words and achieve un-heard of speeds (not unheard-of for those who have been on the Yellow Hat course I’m afraid) if you are a ‘national average reader’ of around 200 words per minute (wpm).

I like the software (sampled on their website) and it will certainly help reading on small appliances like phones – the Samsung Galaxy S5 will come pre-installed. Reading words individually as they are flashed up at a pre-set wpm certainly gets you motoring and proves to you that you can physically read words more quickly than 200 wpm.  The pre-set sample of 500 wpm on the website is very manageable so that’s definitely confidence-boosting.  It’s exciting and achievable.

How about business reading material? 

I think the software is an excellent brain-training exercise for getting you reading faster and recognising words quickly – but I struggled to concentrate long enough to comprehend, even for the short periods on the website.  Bear in mind you can’t look away for even one second –  I didn’t dare blink! Spritz claim two hours but I’m doubtful.

Even at speed, one word at a time doesn’t feel enough, as you have no sense of phrasing or punctuation.  The human single point of focus can read up to five words at a time and groups of words give instant understanding of the concept or idea.  I found I spent a certain amount of frantic time and effort piecing together the words as I read – which is partly what makes it so tiring.

So, my final view?  Spritzing looks to provide us with fun, powerful messaging and instant speed reading improvement on short, sharp info-bites but I wouldn’t want to read my business material this way – too fragmented and too tiring.   To become a flexible and proficient speed reader on electronic or paper I would want to use this software with other techniques for building individual concentration, comprehension and speed.

If you find this helpful I will evaluate the Spreeder and Quickreader next.  Anyone else got views?




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