Influencing People and Situations

Overhead View Of Businesspeople Seated In Circle At Company Seminar

The ability to manage and
influence the decision making
process has never been
more important than today when
we are all fighting for resources
and to be heard.

The decision making process can be complex and often involves working on many levels and with one or more people. At Yellow Hat we work on creating powerful messages through language and structure. Our programmes and approach includes:

  • Understanding the decision making process
  • Using your personality to influence decision makers
  • Adapting messages to fit with the
    culture of the organisation and location
  • Dealing with logic and emotion
  • Structuring messages using three easy steps
  • Understanding and using convincer
    strategies (logos,ethos,pathos)
  • Knowing how time influences people



A very enjoyable and thought-provoking day. Thank you.