Motivation & Delegation

Motivation has been defined as, ‘the drive to satisfy some need’, or ‘the urge within a person to act in a given way’.

Understanding and using motivation successfully requires an awareness of people, and honesty in the objectives of the leader and the organisation.

While external stimuli can be applied and may be effective for a limited time, true motivation is an internal and individually generated response. An effective leader will seek to identify, understand and develop those characteristics in staff that will enable them to pull together as a team to achieve their objectives.

This leads us to delegation. The ability to get things done through effective delegation is a cornerstone of good self-management. It is also an essential part of getting the best out of your people. We delegate because:

  • We gain more time for important activities.
  • We develop and motivate others.
  • We are able to make use of other people’s specialist skills.
  • We ensure an even spread of work across our team.
  • Things get done quickly by concurrent activity.

These topics can be built into a general management programme or delivered individually to meet specific needs.


The workshop retained the attention of all the participants, which is not an easy task on whole day courses.