Persuasive Sales Presentations

Persuasive Presentation Skills will help you develop unique and innovative strategies to improve your presentation success. Whether you are persuading colleagues, energising a team or selling to a client, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

This programme aims to help develop your ability to prepare a persuasive business presentation, designed to impress and influence your target audience and spark desired action.

Topics covered during the programme will include:

  • Putting together a persuasive business presentation
  • Structuring the content to get your message across
  • Preparing speaking notes and impressive visual aids
  • Securing and retaining the full attention of your audience
  • Handling nerves and dealing confidently with questions
  • Being purposeful, powerful and persuasive
  • Communicating with greater impact

An intensive and highly interactive course that provides you with the skills to present compelling presentations to key audiences.