Presentation Skills

The ability to deliver an engaging, effective presentation is a key business skill; an asset to both the individual and the organisation.

This course can be delivered at basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The primary aim of each course, however, is to develop the skill and confidence of the individual so that they are able to inform an audience and/or to persuade them to follow a course of action.

The main objectives of the programme will surround the following points:

  • To develop a confident delivery style.
  • To be able to prepare, structure and present information effectively.
  • To be able to recognise and control audience reactions.
  • To be able to handle objections fluently and politely.
  • To organise your ideas with the use of ‘mind maps’.

Participants will find this course informative, highly interactive and very measurable.


Out of my comfort zone - but felt supported by the tutor and the other delegates.