Speed Reading, Memory & Recall

HiResImagine being able to absorb a long report in a few minutes and respond to it; imagine being up to date with trends; imagine being ahead of your e-mails. On average we spend around 4 hours each day reading. Imagine a real saving of 1-2 hours per day, every day, from now on. This is only possible by doubling your reading efficiency – and this is guaranteed.

Covering: personal initial assessment; individual progress chart; our reading habits; eye-brain co-ordination; physical (non-harmful) eye exercises; use of the unique reading machine to improve your pace and provide measurable results; short-term memory tests and retention techniques; reading at speed to improve comprehension levels.


Very challenging, but amazing!

Excellent event. Surprising results - one to build on and practice. Trainer very credible, kept course lively and interesting.