Writing For Results


Whether you are new to
business writing, writing at and to
a high level, managing others’
writing or in a role requiring
impact and influence,
there is always more we can do
to make our writing work harder.

Three things are critical: knowing how to structure the document is vital for impact; understanding the issue from the reader’s point of view makes it relevant; and using language powerfully makes it interesting. With these in place we earn the reader’s respect, and with respect comes a higher potential for agreement.

It pays to be good at it – corporate and personal profiles flourish on it. Course topics include:

  • Essential writing skills – e-mails and short documents
  • Reports and executive summaries
  • Business cases and proposals
  • Drafting in plain English for government
  • Advanced Technical Writing Skills
  • Drafting skills for specialists – analysts, economists, lawyers
  • Communicating complex information
  • Developing Staff’s Drafting Skills – reviewing skills for managers
  • Proof-reading skills
  • Compelling customer letters and complaint handling
  • Minute-taking skills
  • Drafting skills for the Private Office
  • Persuasive writing and selling
  • Internal communications – intranet, newsletters, HR issues



Both tutors were extremely knowledgeable, with a fantastic grasp of communication and motivation.