Technical and Scientific Drafting Skills

Impact and detail are not mutually exclusive!

Many highly qualified scientific and technical professionals have to explain their analysis and research clearly and succinctly for intelligent lay-people.

This material is developed especially for those communicating these complex subjects, to help them find a good balance between explaining the necessary detail and introducing impact. It focuses on creating a strong structure to present a logical sequence. It then gives techniques for explaining technical subjects in a way that intelligent lay-people can understand – without taking away the important technical evidence and ‘dumbing it down’.

Specialists who have attended these courses have been economists, lawyers, actuaries, IT specialists, all types of scientists and social scientists, vets etc.

  • “The two training events have completely changed how I work. I know from the positive feedback I’ve had from senior managers they are getting a benefit too.”
  • “I am far more focused in the messages I need to deliver. I now have a clearer idea how to approach complicated technical documents.”